What is a penetration tester?

A penetration tester is a professional IT security expert with a strong technical focus who, based on a structured approach, identifies vulnerabilities in IT systems and applications and exploits them if agreed by his client. As a penetration tester, he uses the same hacking tools and techniques that a malicious attacker uses.

Penetration test requirements for sports betting licences by the Darmstadt regional council

In addition to an ISO 27001 certification, regular penetration tests of sports betting portals must be carried out for the sports betting licence by the Darmstadt regional council. The pen tests must be carried out according to the OWASP Testing Guide or the OWSAP Testing Guide for web services. The penetration tester must be independent … [Read more…]

KRITIS penetration test: requirements of the german BSI law

Penetration tests are mandatory for operators of critical infrastructures. In the BSI law under paragraph “8a Security in the information technology of critical infrastructures”, companies are obliged to take appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect their critical infrastructure. The actual law is typically general and abstract. The wording itself does not require penetration tests … [Read more…]

Penetration testing: The company binsec GmbH is your service provider for pentests from Frankfurt am Main

binsec GmbH is a consulting company for information security from Frankfurt am Main that I co-founded in 2013. I have been the managing director of binsec GmbH since it was founded. As a service provider, we carry out penetration tests and also advise our customers in the areas of security management and IT security. binsec … [Read more…]

Launch of binsec wiki

The binsec starts its binsec wiki. Divided into the categories “Hack & Attack” and “Defend”, articles, how-tos and best practices on technical IT security topics are published. The first wiki article published was: OpenVPN: configure 2FA binsec wiki / Defend: IT Systems and Applications / Authorization and Authentication / OpenVPN: configure 2FA